We consult for businesses and other organizations on the following among other areas with a view of helping them to improve in their performance:

Strategic Planning And Management

We help organizations to review their existing strategic plans as well as to develop new ones. We also train and align staff to the strategic plans

We help to energize, reenergize, inspire and equip team members for great performance while enhancing synergies within the teams.

Human Resource Management

We consult end to end on human resource management matters including but not limited to recruitment, policy review and development, learning and development, performance management and employee relations.

Events Planning And Management

We help plan for your group events and save you the hustle of coordinating numerous service providers.

Resource Mobilization

We help organizations crack resource mobilization avenues and approaches to help them meet their objectives.

Credit Policy And Strategy

We review existing credit management policies and strategies as well as develop new ones for organizations.

Business Planning

We guide existing and potential businesses on how to come up with effective business plans.

Business Start-up And Development

We consult for upcoming businesses on how to come up with business ideas, spot relevant opportunities, develop and launch businesses as well as nurture them into growth.

Debt Fitness Check

We help in preparing businesses for accessing credit facilities by doing an audit into their current borrowing infrastructure and advising accordingly.

Organizational Policy Review And Formulation

We help review your organization’s policies and formulate new ones as well.

Collection Improvement Package For Schools

We help schools improve on their school fees collections by auditing their existing collections framework and making valuable recommendations, training parents on personal financial management and by literary collecting on stubborn cases using our unique relationship based approach to collections.


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