About Focus

Focus Universal is a Training, Coaching and Consulting Company founded on the reality that we (human beings, businesses and other organizations) have the ability and right to perform better than their current and previous selves; to be better tomorrow than they are today.

Our Mission

To offer impactful Financial Management, Business Development and Life Skills training, coaching and consulting solutions to individuals, families, businesses and other organizations. 

Our Purpose

To Inspire Progressive Change in society.

Our Vision

To be the preferred personal and organizational progressive change partners in Africa with a Global reach.

Our Training Methodology

At Focus Universal we believe that it is never just about what you say, but how you say it as well, that matters. We strongly believe that the delivery of the message is as important as the message itself. As such, we embrace interactive training against the so common lecture-style methodology. Attitude change and mindset alignment are our major concern when conducting our training sessions. Relevant sector and general examples are used to drive points home in a simplified yet relatable manner.

Training is usually carried out with the use of a combination of training aids such as Slides, Charts and LCDs. We embrace interactive discussions, case studies and other recommended ways of adult learning.

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Why We Are Preferred

We focus on positive mindset alignment as we go about delivering our services in a simplified way.